Day 2 – Day 6 (Sorry!)

June 7, 2006

Well, it’s been an interesting week. After all my intentions to keep this blog up to date, it all ground to a halt when I started to struggle with the diet. ..

Day 2
= = =

Keeping to the 3 shakes 1 soup schedule. Felt very weak most of the time. Drinking as much water as I could but still feeling hungry. Although I don’t need to cook for anyone else, it was really difficult to deal with the smells in the kitchen at dinnertime. Sticking to my guns tho’

Day 3
= = =

Starting to get really tough. The sun is shining, it’s a lovely day. Feeling really hungry now and all I can think about is food (the taste, the smells, everything). I decide to go out for a walk for more than one reason:

1. Get away from home food smells
2. Exercise
3. To think about something else

It does help a great deal and feel better when I get back. Still weak but more relaxed. It’s funny though I came across an empty box of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes discarded in the road. And straight away I started day dreaming. Overall it was making me feel angry (and determined). I wasn’t going to give in yet, but I felt as if it was me against the world.
I got a little lift today in that I tested the Ketostix and I was pink – on day 3. I tried on day 2 and it was negative. At least this made the pain seem worthwile.

Day 4
= = =

Weather is still good so went out for the day with the family (wife and 4 year old daughter) to a large park in London. Had my shake in the morning before I left and took a sachet with me for the afternoon. When we got there, the first thing we had to do was feed our little girl. I parked the car and came back to see her tucking into cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon, sauted potatoes and vegetables! As with most toddlers, after a couple of mouthfuls she didn’t want anymore. But someone else did! Me! My wife gave me a look and suggested that I go for a little walk to clear my head. It worked – I sat on a park bench for 10 minutes and after that I was OK and we carried on with the slings, slide and sandpit stuff.

This was definately my worst day so far. My antenna for smells, billboards and conversation was so highly tuned that I almost warranted a TV licence! I was also getting miffed that everytime I even hinted at a nibble on something or a lick of little ‘uns ice cream, wifey would morph into a Hattie Jacques like matron (emmm!) and warn me off. After all whose diet is this?? Mine or hers? No one forced me to do it – it was my idea…

This a good opportunity to say a world or two about my inspiration. Like many other CD / LL devotees, we have all had our stories about “When I was “X” years old I was like this / could do this, etc. And we have all tried many times and many diets to try and turn back the clock. However, it was seeing the article on IceMoose (Mike Scott) in the Daily Mail that really made an impression. It wasn’t just how much he had lost. He lost loads but to be honest there are other success stories on a similar scale for other diet programmes. What struck me was how QUICKLY Mike lost the weight! I imagined myself losing HALF that wieght in 5 months and how I would feel. I hadn’t heard of Cambridge Diets at the time so I spent a couple of days finding out as much as I could and eventually managed to track down one of the Councillors that knew Mike personally and could verify that the article was not full of loads of typos! I am sure I am not the only one that Mike has inspired over the last 5 months and I am sure I won’t be the last. He gives so much of his time to helping and informing others and he has responded to emails a couple of times already, even though he is training as a CDC!

Anyway back to the diary…Day 4 was definately my worst day so far and I was glad for it to be over. The only consolation was the conformation that I was truly in ketosis and the pain was ultimately worth it.

Day 5
= = =

Things are changing for the better…

I wake up before six in the morning feeling really alert. I don’t need to be up for another couple of hours so I go and have a pee and sip of water and go back to bed. Within 5 mins I can see that this is not goner work so I may as well get up and do something. As I am working from home that morning, I decide to log onto the work network and get an early start. By ten o’clock I am flagging slightly but it’s too late to go back to bed as the day has now begun. I anticipate feeling really rough later in the day as the 5 hours sleep catches up with me.
By 2PM I have had a shake and a soup. I still feel hungry but not in the manic craving way of the last two days though. I have a long journey ahead this afternoon driving to the south coast and I don’t want to get caught feeling REALLY hungry while I am out and doing something silly re the diet. I decide to do a bit more research about ketosis and how it works and what triggers it and what can stop it. I want to have a quick snack to get me through the afternoon, but I don’t want to have a 3rd CD pack by lunchtime leaving just one for the afternoon and evening. After much agonising, I find out the nutritional info for eggs from the box and decide that this is my best option. My rationale is, two eggs are less that 200 cals. They have NO carbs. Yes I know that (with yolks) they are high in fat! However, I am 18 stone and eating 500 cals a day! Consuming another 200 cals is not going to be stored as excess fuel and converted to fat. I boil the eggs and off I go!
In the evening I have the other packs as normal and have a 30 minute walk, just to be on the safe side. As the evening progress I cannot believe how good I feel. The early start to the day is a distant memory and I feel full of energy and a little “high”. I know this is expected after 3/4 days but I am so sceptical I never thought it would happen to me! All of a sudden I can see some light at the end of the tunnel and envisage the possibility that I can keep this diet up for the second week. I really haven’t felt so alive and full of energy at 10PM for ages! Roll on week 1, roll on the weigh in.

Day 6
= = =

Wake early again with a morning nightmare. Just a dream but disturbing so I decide to get up anyway. Feel fine this morning. Ketosis is going strong even though I had a glass of Diet Coke the night before. Funny thing is, now I know that my body can take Diet Coke (without reacting to the citric acid) I finally realise that I don’t and have never liked Diet Coke anyway, so what’s the point?
Morning shake at 8AM. Soup at 1PM. By 2 o’clock I feel as if I hadn’t eaten so have a couple of boiled eggs again. In the evening I have a shake at 6PM and another at 9PM. I don’t feel as “hyper” as the night before but still feel really good. Lots of energy, relaxed. I am OK with the family eating around me and at the moment am not obsessed with visions of eating food. There are even two boxes (yes boxes!) of crisps in the house and I feel no temptation. I absolutely love crisps (not bothered about chocolate) especially Golden Wonder Cheese & Onion (can you find them anywhere? Beeping Walkers have taken over!!). Anyway I had my last crisps the night before I started CD and seeing the family eating them is not bothering me (at the moment – careful…).

I have my weigh in tomorrow, so we will see how that goes. Because of the extra eggs this week I really do not expect anything outstanding – maybe 7 lbs, which is on the low side for a guy. But to be honest the most important thing to me that has come out of this first week is that I feel as if I am starting to feel that I can do it. Days 3 & 4 were tougher than I expected especially after the relatively easy Day 1 – but i am through that now, in ketosis, enjoying being in control, feeling energetic and focused to work hard to acheive good week 2 results.

Yep, you guessed it. Everything is set up for me to fall off the CD wagon big time. Now where are those crisps…


Prince of Darkness

June 7, 2006

I took the “before” pics in my boxers last night and they have come out too dark so I will have to re-take them sometime today when the sun is out. Even in the murky darkness, it still looks like a horror movie

But hey – what more inspirartion do I need…

June 1, 2006

First day…

June 1, 2006

Well I went to my CDC last night and picked up a couple of weeks of stuff. Decided to go for 75% shakes and 25% soup. Because I am a newbie the current rationing of choco tetra bars is not an issue for me for the next couple of weeks. Sorry for those that are in love with them 😦
To be honest I feel a little better this morning than last night. Before bed my tummy was going like a tumble dryer and I was drinking as much as I could with one eye on not spending the rest of the night / early morning running to the loo.
Currently sipping my first shake of the day (Strawberry) and it doesn't taste to bad. I am going to stick to having everything "naturale" at the moment to see if I can hack it. I will leave the muffins, crisps and mousses until I am sick to death of the stuff!
I know that this is going to get tougher over the next 2/3 days but so far so good. There's no point worrying about something before it happens…

June 1, 2006

Pre CD doctors checkup…

May 26, 2006

I went to the doctors today just to check how things are before I start on the diet on Wednesday. Everything appears to be OK (apart from being overweight!). Blood pressure is fine and I am on no medication. I have started getting asthma every autumn/winter for the last two years. That is something else that I am hoping the diet will improve. My wife just wants it to fix the snoring :-0

What this is all about…

May 24, 2006

I am approaching the BIG 4-0 and trying to turn the clock back slightly. I was 12 stone (168 pds/76 kgs) fourteen years ago. Now I am 18 stone (252 pds/115 kgs). 13 stones is my goal. Can I do it? Let's see…