First day…

Well I went to my CDC last night and picked up a couple of weeks of stuff. Decided to go for 75% shakes and 25% soup. Because I am a newbie the current rationing of choco tetra bars is not an issue for me for the next couple of weeks. Sorry for those that are in love with them 😦
To be honest I feel a little better this morning than last night. Before bed my tummy was going like a tumble dryer and I was drinking as much as I could with one eye on not spending the rest of the night / early morning running to the loo.
Currently sipping my first shake of the day (Strawberry) and it doesn't taste to bad. I am going to stick to having everything "naturale" at the moment to see if I can hack it. I will leave the muffins, crisps and mousses until I am sick to death of the stuff!
I know that this is going to get tougher over the next 2/3 days but so far so good. There's no point worrying about something before it happens…


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