Pre CD doctors checkup…

May 26, 2006

I went to the doctors today just to check how things are before I start on the diet on Wednesday. Everything appears to be OK (apart from being overweight!). Blood pressure is fine and I am on no medication. I have started getting asthma every autumn/winter for the last two years. That is something else that I am hoping the diet will improve. My wife just wants it to fix the snoring :-0


What this is all about…

May 24, 2006

I am approaching the BIG 4-0 and trying to turn the clock back slightly. I was 12 stone (168 pds/76 kgs) fourteen years ago. Now I am 18 stone (252 pds/115 kgs). 13 stones is my goal. Can I do it? Let's see…

First blog…ever

May 24, 2006

Well, here goes nothing. This my first post. I am starting my diet in seven days time. I have researched it fairly well although we shall have to wait and see. I have decided to start on the right foot and see my doctor to get a quick check up and make sure that my weight loss programme (Cambridge Diet) will not adversely affect my health. Appointment is in a couple of days.